Two Tips for Marketing on Instagram In 2018

With the release of a new ebook on Instagram Marketing Tips by Schedugram, we thought we’d share some of the best tips from it with our readers.

Watch your account like a hawk.

Nothing screams “We’re a bunch of robots!” like a brand’s Instagram account that never engages with their own posts. Even if you’re actively authentically engaging with others, being silent on your profile can make you seem distant and disconnected. If you garner a few comments or questions on your posts, you should be replying ASAP (after popping the bubbly, of course!) As easy as it is to lose yourself in the numbers and data of Instagram engagement, sometimes you have to take a step back and remember the purpose of social media: To connect with your consumers in a real, personable way and provide another avenue of access to your company. Make an effort to respond to every comment on your posts, especially questions, concerns, and complaints. Doing so can help your followers and consumer base feel better connected to you and your team. Social media engagement is also crucial for e-commerce brands that never have the chance to connect with consumers in person. These days, brand loyalty goes a lot farther than price and popularity, and the personal touch of an Instagram reply can make or break a repeat customer.

Post content that begs for comments.

Brands that authentically engage on Instagram don’t limit their activity to comments and likes. They get real, valuable content in front of their audience, too! Keep your Instagram content consistent, and schedule your posts for when your audience is most active. This will increase the chances of engagement from your audience. The comments you post can also help foster engagement on your account. Consider asking a question or tagging a partner, customer, or influencer to drum up some commentary. Don’t forget the hashtags! A 2017 study found that posts with at least 11 hashtags get the most interaction.

More to Come

Like those tips? Well the ebook has countless more of them, and will turn you into an Instagram Expert in no time.