How can hip pain can be cause of pain in groin

Many people feel pain in their groin but they cannot find out the reason behind the pain. Sometimes a person falls down or is hit by something in the hip but they feel pain in their groin. They do not understand why this is happening. Groin and hip are attached to each other and it is very much possible that the pain in the hip can cause pain in the groin. This does not mean that pain in the hip will definitely cause pain in the groin but there are chances of that happening. If you are feeling pain in your hips, it can be because of some problem in the hip bursitis or a problematic nerve can be the cause.

Most people do not know where the hip is actually located in their body. Normally people point outside of their body when asked about the location of their hips. However, the fact is that the point of the hip is located deep inside the body. Hip point is present at the junction of the pelvis and the top of the thighbone, which is also known as the femur in medical term. Many people do not understand the link between the pain of the hip and pain of the groin. It is because of the nerve system present in a human body. The nerve system of pain and groin is naturally placed in a way that linked the both parts. The problem in the nerve of the hips will naturally affect the nerves of the groin and cause pain. This is known as referred pain.

To find out the reason of the pain in the groin and to find out whether it is related to the hip pain or not, the physician or doctor will ask the patient to lie down and he will check different parts of his hip. If the patient will feel pain in any part of his hip that means that the pain in the groin is due to pain in the hip.

There are different causes of pain in the groin through hips. For example, if the person has the problem of hip arthritis, he can feel pain in the groin. Hip Labrum Tear also gives the same problem in a person’s body. The last thing that can cause pain in the groin through hips is Osteonecrosis. These are some very serious causes of groin pain but there are some small and less serious problems too such as pinched hip nerve or muscle pull and hernias.

It is very important to go to a doctor when you are feeling pain in any part of your body. The pain can is bearable but the reason can be something very serious and dangerous. The doctor can find out the real reason behind every pain and he can only suggest the better treatment. For hip and groin pain, too it is very important to get a doctors opinion. There can be some very serious reason behind the pain, and if to be treated the problem can increase.