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3 Things You Must Take Care of On Your UTV

You bought your UTV to get out there and get dirty. We get that, we really do. At the same time, you need to take care of it, or its performance will suffer and its life expectancy go down dramatically. All of that dirt and grime that you put it through on a constant basis can really wreak havoc in places that you least expect. Remember these 3 things that you really must take care of on your UTV.

Make Sure to Clean the Air Filter

Perhaps because nobody ever really sees it, but the air filter is a sorely neglected component on the UTV. This simply should not be. Just think of all of the dust and particulates that get into an average car driving on paved roads. Now, multiply that my almost infinity when you take into account the places you take your ATV. Before each season, you will want to replace your air filter. Then after ever major ride give it a good cleaning. Yes, that is what it takes to keep your vehicle happy and healthy.

The Oil Does Need to be Changed

If you are a frequent rider, then you UTV will need frequent oil changes. When you are getting your can-am parts, make sure you stock up on a few hurts of oil. Drain out your old oil and put the new liquid gold in. That will make your UTV extra happy. Also, remember to recycle the old oil and keep the environment healthy as well!

Make Sure Your Bolts are Tightened

All of that jiggling and jostling that you do in your UTV is not much fun with your bolts. You don’t want to be out in the middle of the woods and have a few bolts come loose and pop out. Not only might you never find them again, but the resulting impact will not be any fun either. When you are taking care of your UTV, make sure the major bolts are tightened so you avoid an unintended surprises.

To get the best out of your vehicle for some time to come, show it some tender loving care. This does not mean that you don’t get out there and enjoy life to its fullest. On the contrary. Use it and get dirty. Just make sure to take care of it once you return home.