All-time Best Movies on YuppFlix

Yuppflix, an inventory of Indian Movies, be it regional, documentaries or TV Shows brings you the best entertainment package right at your fingertips. Listed below, are the reviews of some Indian movies up and running on Yuppflix at the moment

Yaakkai: IMDB-5.6/10

Directed by Kuzhandhai Velappan. Yaakkai is a romantic thriller which portrays a mysterious murder during a Medical Scam. The movie revolves around the assassination of chairman Dr.Krishnamoorthy of the medical college who is pushed from the 24th floor the hospital. While the crime scene is being investigated by police officer Sahayam, Sriram the doctor’s son is not adversely affected by his father’s death making him the anti-hero. The other side of the story depicts how Kathir, an innocent student is confounded for the murders taking place all over the city.
Yaman: IMDB-6.7/10

Directed by Jeeva Shankar, Yaman is a drama set up in a malevolent world ruled by corrupt and merciless politicians where one common man aspires to make a mark for himself in the field of politics. Tamilarasan is an orphan living with his grandfather when the latter suffers from a disease irreparable without a lot of money. The movie revolves around the hurdles goes through. watch other side of the story

Enakku Vaaitha Adimaigal: IMDB-6/10
Directed by Mahendran Rajamani, this flick is certainly a comedy of errors. The film revolves around an IT professional Krishna whose longtime love Divya ditches him for another guy. Grief-stricken Krishna accepts death to be his last resort when a counselor advises him to meet his friends. His friends take him lightly which bothers Krishna enough to make him go missing what is the other side of the movie
Ennodu Vilayadu: IMDB-6.1/10

Directed by Arun Krishnaswami, this thriller illustrates the life of a gambler Vikram who has information on a fixed horse race which he intends to exploit. On the other hand Vikram’s friend Sridhar arrives in the city only to know that he unknowingly has a lot of cash which might get him into trouble.
Chuttalabbayi: IMDB-6/10

Directed by Veerabhadram Chowdary, this movie revolves around a girl named Kavya who tries to escape from her family and is aided by Babji, a recovery agent. Chased by bandit-like-brothers Kavya takes shelter at Babji’s house watch other side of story.