Choosing the Best Digital Investment Assets – Top Ten Cryptocurrencies in 2017

With more and more people showing interest in investing money in digital currencies using cryptography, crytpocurrency has become the biggest financial news of 2017. The meteoric rise in the prices of these cryptocurrencies along with the advantage of operating them independently of a centralized bank has made them the best investment assets, so far.  Today, investors are more interested in cryptocurrencies, rather than any mutual funds or stock brokers for their retirement plan.

With more than 5000 virtual currencies in the world, it becomes a little baffling for the investors to pick the best one for investing their hard earned money. If you are also willing to invest some money in the top crytpocurrency, which might have a better scope in future, then this compilation would prove to be of a great help to you.

  1. Bitcoin: It had been a record breaking year for Bitcoin, with a volatile growth of $2,000 in May to $10,980, making its total market capitalization of $183,461,156,432. Most of the skeptics and strategists believe that Bitcoin price will continue to hike and will become the highest growth investment in the coming year, far surpassing its meteoric rise in 2017.
  2. Ethereum: This virtual currency is basically a platform built for smart contracts, which now costs about $484. The second most popular crytpocurrency is a little conflict-ridden due to its hard fork that resulted in diverging blockchains. Currently, the market cap of Ethereum is $46,492,016, 009.
  3. Ripple: Introduced in the year 2012, this is a real time gross settlement system network, which is reflecting a current market cap of $10,852,910,717. This centralized currency is mostly preferred by banks and many have already started working with Ripple technologies to implement it. Although Ripple has a slow growth, but for a long term, you might want to invest your money in it.  
  4. Litecoin: Launched five years ago, Litecoin is considered analogous to Bitcoin in many aspects. However, some of its features like lightning network and segregated witnesses make it a much better option than Bitcoin. Its current market cap is $5,389,761,367 and this is expected to proliferate in the next five years.  
  5. Dash: Many investors consider Dash much easier than Ethereum in terms of payment and this is one reason it has more active developers. Introduced three years ago, it was formerly known as Xcoin. Dash started this year with $16 and has hiked up to $665.91. Currently its market cap is $5,139,004,768.
  6. Monero: Introduced in 2014, Monero is an open source virtual currency that is based on Cryptonote protocol and concentrates on decentralization and privacy. In 2016, Monero saw a huge boost and later it was adopted by Alphabay. Meanwhile, its market cap is $2,990,185,717.  
  7. Ethereum Classic: Not so famous, Ethereum Classic works on the basis of smart contracts and continues to be one of the expensive crypto currencies in the world. The lack of backward compatibility with the Ethereum hard fork makes it a little less accepted in the market. Today, it has a current market cap of around $3,179,042,370.
  8. NEM: Launched in 2015, NEM runs on a JAVA platform. Its permissioned private blockchain delivers best transaction rates for internal ledgers. Being based on revolutionary consensus mechanism, its open public blockchain can grow without compromising on throughput. At present, its market cap is $2,214,063,000.
  9. NEO: This is a recent iteration on Ethereum’s smart contracts that uses unique blockchain algorithm and supports decentralized commerce and identification. This non-profit community based blockchain project works on digital identity for automating the management of digital assets. It uses smart contracts and realizes a smart economy with a distributed network. Its market cap is $2,458,514,500.  
  10. IOTA: IOTA is another popular option amongst investors, as this blockless distributed ledger allows people to transfer value without any fees. Its scalable and lightweight features make it even more accepted in the market. Currently, its market capitalization is $4,115,650,490.  

According to the statistics, Bitcoin is clearly one of the best crytpocurrency to invests that has seen incessant success, value growth and still continues to be the supreme option. But other cryptocurrencies are also doing extremely well and have been a hot trend for investors. You can also invest your money in one of the best crytpocurrency and get maximum returns out of it.