How ideal are Turn-Key under construction properties for investment?

Key turn investment properties can certainly be one of the best options available for people who are willing to stay in under constructed homes. It is easy to look around for one such property in Sobha International City where few buildings are still under construction. Such buildings are in the hands of the builders and so they are also responsible for taking care of everything including management and purchasing process. In some cases the responsibilities under taken by the builders for such properties may vary, but in general, they offer with few basics.

Locating and analyzing

The moment you approach any broker, he may make use of different ways to help you locate one such property. Some of them make use of their network to help you shift into one such home, while others may be in direct contact with the builders. They will help you locate the properties that are in ready possession where you can shift after making the payments. In some cases the builders will also offer you with the service of upgrading your home for low cost. No matter what, it is always advisable to inspect the site before moving in.

Making your purchase

When thinking of purchasing such properties, builders or developers will offer you with list of their money lenders and bankers. The moment you approach them they will provide you with information for mortgage procedure. You don’t have to look around for banker on your own to purchase the Sobha International City property.

Managing your property for rentals

Builders will help you with the maintenance factor or will provide you with labors who will maintain on their behalf. The moment any property is in the construction zone, it becomes the responsibility of the builder to look after the maintenance factor till it has been handed over to the society. They will also fix some amount of money that you have to pay as rentals for services provided including light and water. You can also contact the broker in case you need more assistance for services.

How much do such properties cost?

In general, under construction homes will not cost you much. Builders will offer you with 20 percent discount for the purchase. You will also get to save big amount of money from the maintenance till the society has not been formed. Another benefit here is that you will get to save money that otherwise you will have to pay in the rentals, till your home is constructed. Overall the cost of such homes will be much lower then the present market price. Once the society has been formed, you will gain profits depending on the market condition.

Are there any risks involved?

When purchasing such properties there may be a few risk factors involved. If the builder has not managed to sell all the homes then you may have to wait till the sale has been made. If the selling takes time, then the property may not be well maintained. Besides not many people are interested in purchasing such homes, so selling may be a problem for you. It is advisable to approach a genuine dlf Magnolias Gurgaon agent to collect more information about the selling procedure.