Premium Tatkal vs Tatkal – What’s the best in there for travellers?  

Whatever said and done, the quite hyped Tatkal ticketing system did bring a lot of relief for the travellers who plan their journey at the last moment and can’t save a reserved accommodation for themselves. The ticket booking on ‘first come first served’ basis with premium charges introduced by Indian Railways has benefitted many Indians. And now our Government is back with another program called “Premium Tatkal Booking”. But what is premium tatkal booking.

What is Premium Tatkal Booking?

Released on 1st October 2014, this is an online only reservation facility that is based on airlines fare model. Because this scheme works on “More the demand, Higher the Price” principle, the tickets are dynamically priced with the rise in demand, which makes them online only. The minimum premium fare in these tatkal tickets includes basic train fare and tatkal charges, which varies from 10% – 30% along with an upper limit that depends on the class of travel. The maximum limit for booking this ticket is 30% on the base fare or Rs.400 (whichever is higher).

But what makes it different from Tatkal tickets and are there any benefits on this premium tatkal ticketing for the passengers. Let’s find out what is in there when it comes to Premium Tatkal Vs Tatkal.

Premium Tatkal Vs Tatkal Booking

  • Premium tatkal comes with dynamic fare pricing, which is a fare component increased with the subsequent booking demand. However, this is not the case in Tatkal tickets.
  • Tatkal is based on waitlist ticket booking. But, there is no waitlist in premium ones, which means an assured reserved berth. And no cancellations are allowed in Premium Tatkal.
  • In premium tatkal, there is no concession for children or senior citizens, but tatkal ticketing allows concessions to different groups.  
  • Tatkal tickets can be booked by agents, but agents can’t book in premium quota. This is the reason that premium tickets can be only booked online.
  • Half the tatkal tickets on selective trains are sold on a premium basis.

Premium tatkal have their own advantages and disadvantages. Like Advance Reservation Period of premium tatkal is same as tatkal ticket booking. Additionally, the cost of premium ones remain the same as normal if there is no demand and in case, these tickets are unsold, they are made available to waitlisted passengers of tatkal quota.

Websites like Tatkal for Sure can help you book your tickets within moments. You can use this app on your android phone or can even use it as browser plugin. Whether you wish to book a tatkal or a premium tatkal for your next travel destination, online booking will surely make it effortless for you.